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Can we trust the telecom

This week, a basic error by Sweden's Ericsson took millions of mobile customers offline, while its Chinese rival Huawei thought it would be a good idea.
Early on Thursday, more than 30 million mobile phone users in the UK found that they could not get access to their data service.

Similar problems were reported by mobile operators in Japan and China. The outage at the O2 network lasted for nearly 24 hours and served to underline how we depend on each other.

A few years ago this incident would have been a minor annoyance to the small number of smartphone users.

But average monthly mobile data has increased twenty-fold in the UK since 2011, with the owners using them for everything from streaming music to ordering taxis and takeaways.

For the growing number of people and businesses that depend on their mobile apps to organize their work, this is more than an inconvenience - it cost them money.

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